A Simple Way to Grow as a Christian

A Simple Way to Grow as a Christian

For those who are new to Christianity or facing challenges, the pursuit of knowledge and a deeper understanding of the Bible is a continuous journey. In this endeavor, a key approach to foster growth is to grasp the importance of what we come across when reading the Scriptures. As we delve into these sacred words, understanding their structure becomes crucial. While some people already have this insight, I, having been part of the church community for my whole life, found myself not truly understanding the words on the page. The idea of placing the Bible within its proper context seemed beyond my reach. As time has passed and I've grown older, along with a growing desire for wisdom, I've come to realize the mistakes of my past. The layers of meaning and the different styles that make up the text's fabric had always eluded me. It's possible that this lack of understanding contributed to my difficulties during my early years as a Christian. However, through committed exploration, I've managed to organize a refreshingly straightforward breakdown of the Bible's sections. I will begin with the two major sections that are the Old Testament and the New Testament. 

The Old Testament is from Genesis through Malachi.

Simple Breakdown-

The 5 Books of Law/Pentateuch: Genesis-Deuteronomy

Historical Narrative: Joshua-Ester

Poetic/Wisdom Literature: Job-Song of Solomon

Major Prophets: Isaiah-Daniel

Minor Prophets: Hosea-Malachi


The New Testament is from Matthew through Revelations. 

Simple Breakdown-

Gospels: Matthew-John

Historical Narrative: Acts 

The 21 Epistles/Letters: Romans-Jude

Apocalyptic/Book of Vision: Revelations


As you continue your journey of reading, here are some simple things to keep in mind:

  1. Read the Bible Daily

  2. PRAY!

  3. Study Biblical Resources

  4. Reflect and Meditate on God's Word

  5. Seek Wise Counsel

  6. Remain Humble and Open about what His Word say's

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