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Cerulean Shores Wax Melt

Cerulean Shores Wax Melt

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Welcome to Cerulean Shores, where the essence of pristine beaches and refreshing sea breezes come to life in a wax melt. At the forefront, top notes of marine, honeydew melon, and apple transport you to sun-kissed shores, where the salty tang of the ocean mingles with the sweet juiciness of ripe fruit. As the fragrance unfolds, delicate middle notes of lily of the valley and jasmine evoke the sensation of walking through fragrant coastal gardens, their floral bouquet dancing on the breeze. Finally, base notes of sandalwood and musk ground the scent with a touch of warmth and earthiness, capturing the essence of sun-warmed sands and driftwood.

Indulge in the invigorating aroma of Cerulean Shores, as it fills your space with the freshness of a seaside paradise. Let each inhale whisk you away on a journey to azure waters and sandy beaches, where relaxation and rejuvenation await amidst the gentle caress of ocean waves.

ingredients: IGI 6028 Paraffin/Soy Pillar Blend wax, Fragrance Oil, Wax Color Dye.

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